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Baby classes

From the moment of conception your choices for your precious new child are numerous and varied. Homebirth or hospital, bottle or breast. So much choice and so many suggestions. To any new parent, the advice can often be overwhelming and sometimes conflicting, but the over-riding concern for you must be ' What is best for us and our child?'

My baby swimming classes offer a unique and memorable experience for you and your baby.

The classes are small, both parents can join in with the fun and excitement, and I always welcome family members to watch and wonder at the little miracles in the water!
Each class lasts thirty minutes, beginning with a little sing-song, some underwater work depending on the baby's age and ability and we end with a rendition of 'Row Row the Boat', with all the babies sitting on a mat in the water!

Baby swimming is very special.

Parents who make this journey with their baby enjoy a rare and unique bond which stays with them all their lives. It's enchanting, enthralling, magical and fascinating to watch and be involved in. It is simply the best thing you can do for your child.

Many years ago, I published an article on baby swimming, which you can see here. The words now are the same as then, nothing has been altered. I have used the same methods in my classes for over twenty years. These methods - using keywords, baby turns underwater, holding onto the side - have not changed in all my years of teaching. I know the methods work, and I will continue to try to prevent childhood drownings and accidental submersion for as long as I can.


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